Monday, February 1, 2010


image used under cc by mela sogono

You may have noticed a common thread lately about shifting models and approaches as cause marketing continues to evolve. I wrote a related piece last week “Shift: Business Good to Good Business" then noticed my cause colleague Scott Henderson and friends had launched a likeminded blog called CauseShift. So with that kindred spirit I had the pleasure to guest post with a piece on applying a new cause related marketing approach to the devastating situation in Haiti.

What if we could bridle the millennial passion for service and match with the burdensome need in Haiti? What if colleges, students, companies, and Haitian relief organizations partnered for a special “Haitian Helping Hand” service opportunity this summer?

Read the post at CauseShift.

How many times have you read an article, sat in a meeting, had a conversation, or watched a program and said, “Wow, what if...?" It’s the shift from passively receiving information and actively engaging with potential implications and applications. It’s adding value. And in that vein I’ve started hashtag #whatifwed and this and every Wednesday invite you to join me on twitter in ideating on the fly. Who knows, what if we generate a big idea that shifts everything?


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