Thursday, March 5, 2009

One click can feed 140 Hungry Kids

Most of us have used the Internet to make a donation. And many have responded to a run/walk/ride type fundraiser invitation for support by a friend or family-member. Now Social Media applications such as Facebook and twitter for cause marketing have begun to take off. Though well intentioned, sometimes cause related websites can be heavy on the emotions and heavy on the content. Feeding you statistic after statistic and picture after picture but not providing a quick and easy way to take action. Or at least not a quick and easy way to take action other than donate money.

Enter Pledge To End Hunger in support of Share Our Strength a nonprofit focused on children's hunger. Sponsored by Tyson Foods and Kimball Office and produced by MediaSauce and powered by Kompolt, the beauty lies in it's clarity, simplicity, and achievable goal.

1 in 6 children in America are hungry. By simply visiting the site right now and pledging to either spread the news, volunteer, or give money, you help reach the goal of at least 1,000 pledges. Once the 1,000th pledge is made, Tyson will donate enough food to feed 140 children to a food bank in Austin, TX for EVERY pledge.


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